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Drinking copper water has several advantages. But you have to make sure that the vessels you use to store water in are made of pure copper and not a combination of other metals. The consumption of water stored in copper utensils 2-3 times a day is enough to get benefit from it.

1. Kills Viruses – Copper is known for its oligodynamic properties, which means it has antimicrobial properties and can kill a wide variety of microbes that contaminate water. This will help reduce the chances of waterborne diseases such as dysentery and jaundice. You can also buy copper utensils online via

2. Stimulates brain activity – This metal is a vital mineral that is essential for certain enzymes as well as daily body functions. Copper helps form the myelin sheath, which helps the brain work more quickly and efficiently.

3. Delay aging- Believe it or not, copper can help keep skin looking young. Copper is loaded with cell regenerative and antioxidants properties that fight the free radicals that are responsible for the signs of aging.

4. Regulates the thyroid gland – Copper (Tamba) is an essential mineral that the thyroid gland needs to function properly. So make sure to drink water from your copper drum and keep your thyroid working properly.

Advantages of Storing Water in Copper Utensils