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Although all these strains have their own unique appeal, it is worth trying them all to discover your favorite. There are some general guidelines you can follow when considering any of these cannabis strains.

Beginners should choose strains with lower levels of THC. Because new users don't know their THC tolerance yet, it's best for them to start with lower amounts and then work up to the "therapeutic zone", where you feel better but still have to function. You can also get these pink kush popcorn, Bud Beaver in Canada.

You can always have more but not less. To learn more about how to approach a complex plant like cannabis medically, we recommend our guide for dosing here.

Blueberry is one of the strongest cross-strains, which speaks to the strength and versatility of its genetics. Blueberry and its variants will be with us for a long time. 

However, the original Blueberry will always be appreciated for its ability to relieve stress, insomnia, pain relief, and anxiety. Blue Moonshine (Blueberry-x Afghani) or Blue Cheese (Blueberry-x UK Cheese), have stronger effects.

Blueberry is known for its fruity, piney, and lavender flavors, as well as a slightly peppery flavor. Blueberry is a source of the terpenes pinene and myrcene as well as linalool and beta-caryophyllene.

Advice For Beginners To Know Before Getting CBD Strains