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American Art is very popular and varied. Early American art consists of both settler art and Native American art. For those who are planning to invest, there are a few things that you should understand while purchasing the art

For example with early American art, knowledge about the early movement as well as the painters or other artists that are considered "masters" of their time should be considered.

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A good proportion of this type of art has survived and can be seen in galleries around the world. There are many good examples of lesser-known early American art that can be discovered locally in art galleries, antique shops, country market stalls. There are those who have been fortunate enough to find very good American Art that is valuable in flea markets and garage sales.

You do need to do some research on the subject so you know what you are looking for when searching for American Art. Study the time period as well as the well-known artists of the day.

Art experts and some Antique dealers can appraise work for you, and it is wise to get more than one appraisal for accuracy. Some artworks that have gone to auction and were expected to fetch good prices have failed to bring in good bids while others have surprised and reached higher than expected bids.

Art in any form has always been subjective and while there are classics to be found in many galleries and museums, lesser-known pieces will only ever have the value of what someone is willing to bid for them. Some works may look like they have little uniqueness about them, yet may sell for a small fortune.

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