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Flexible ducts are widely used in the air conditioners for transferring the air. These are made up of aluminum and lines of plastic. The inner part of these ducts is surrounded by a layer of insulation that protects the barrier of vapor.

Sometimes, the quality of your indoor air that comes from air conditioners depends on the quality of flexible duct hose. Flexible duct manufacturers often provide clear instructions on how to install these ducts properly with the right components. To know more about flexible ducts, you can click

You must install each and every layer of these ducts carefully, and you need to follow the procedure of installation. Some of the guidelines and steps of installation are as follows:-

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1) Find the distance between the place where you will be placing your flexible duct and also the point where you are going to connect it.

2) You should try to increase the length of your flexible duct and place the stretch tape near the flexible tape.

3) Open the big scissors, push the lower blade in the flexible duct, and try to cut it as per your requirement. Make sure all the layers of the duct are equal.

4) Try to place the duct fastening on each end of the flexible duct ensuring that the straps are connected with each other.

5) By using different tools, wrap tape to make the plastic duct straps. Once you install the flexible duct, unroll the insulation.

By using these simple steps, you can start using your product.

All About Installation Of Flexible Ducts