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The Russian military has performed lower than anticipated, mostly due to the Ukrainian army's determination and strength.  You can also get more info about War in Ukraine online.

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The conflict could go on for several weeks, or possibly longer, which could result in more casualties on top of the thousands of people already killed. The Kremlin has stated that it is willing to accept the most extreme demands in exchange for a cease-fire, and was not a positive response to Kyiv's suggestion that Kyiv said that it was willing to compromise. 

Putin justified his invasion by invoking a myriad of lies that the population of Donbas in eastern parts of Ukraine had "been faced with humiliation and genocide." Russia sought to "denazify Ukraine" when neo-Nazis came to take the helm at Kyiv the capital, and Ukraine was taking steps to go "as far as getting nukes."  

The Russian army was advancing on Ukrainian territory in a variety of locations. Two weeks after, Russian forces have achieved advances to the south of Ukraine and have taken over Kherson as well as insularized Mariupol. 

But they have also been unable to take Mariupol. Russians did have an arduous battle within the northern region. The Ukrainians have resisted the idea of taking the city in a hurry Kyiv and have fought to protect Chernihiv and Kharkiv.

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