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Sugaring is an ancient hair removal technique that dates back to 300 BC. This technique is safe and 100% natural and uses lemon paste, sugar, and water like waxing, sugaring to remove hair from the roots and removes annoying ingrown hairs.

It is applied directly to the skin and removes hair in the direction of growth. People feel sicker than wax masks. You can also look for natural hair removal services via

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  • “Our sugar paste is made entirely of lemons, water, and sugar – that's all. No ribbon or cloth.
  • "Using your hands to shape it into the skin is the traditional method. It's more effective because you can apply more pressure – and it allows the sugar to penetrate the skin better.
  • The lemon/water/sugar paste is applied directly to the skin and removes hair in the direction of growth.
  • "If you remove the roots, the follicles will have less emergency blood flow, which in turn weakens them," says the beautician.
  • "You will have less hair growth and the hair that grows will be finer and thinner.
  • "In addition, the risk of damage is less because sugar paste is moldier and sticks to hair and roots."
  • For depilation, the hair length can be 1/8" – 1/4". Think of a grain of rice.
  • While there are still a few factors, most people find them less painful than wax masks.
  • “Sugar doesn't stick to living skin cells, just hair and dead skin cells, which means less irritation and discomfort.
  • "There's faster healing times, cleaner hair removal, and a better environment," adds Sam.
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