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A traditional e-learning program development is often preceded with protracted scoping and needs analysis which may take several weeks. Most online training experts want to cut through the red tape and get the training show on the road.

With a rapid implementation approach, administrator training or instructional designers can put together a core team and identify key training points. You can get innovative learning solutions online.

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Using intelligent design structures to provide effective learning

Rapid e-learning design starts with a set of well-understood structures and patterns. Relevant, effective design that moves learners can make a difference and add your message and continuity will make a recognizable format and branding.

Allocate sufficient time with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

This approach to searching a variety of materials and product knowledge to identify sets of reusable patterns that work in all of the material presented. SMEs may be asked to define important aspects of the training content and, if possible, provide information in a format delivery of the web such as PowerPoint, Flash, Video, Word, spreadsheets, etc.

The rapid e-learning approach Utilizes:

  • A small core team of designers, trainers, and graphic artists, often with people in a double role.
  • A design structure that can be rapidly deployed and modified.
  • The quality of the input from SMEs.
  • cohesive work during live calls and meetings.
  • A partnership established between training and development.
An Introduction to Rapid E-Learning Implementation