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Aquarium lighting fixtures are complete lighting units that mount on your tank. There are two reasons for an aquarium light fixture. First, to simulate the pure light your fish will get in the wild, secondly, that you observe both the fish and plants, and enjoy the vivid colors. To know about the perfect lighting for your aquarium you can visit

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Light Fixtures for Fish-only Freshwater Tanks

Fish-only freshwater tanks are typically the most common first aquariums. Artificial stones and plastic plants decorate the container, no more living plants. The beauty of the budding aquarists is that you don't have to find yourself a fancy light fixture, as fish do not photosynthesize! 

You may hone your lighting choice down to just two facets. First, simulate the organic day/night light of your freshwater fish. Second, display your fish and show off their colors. Popular freshwater tank fish stem from tropical elements of the world where they are now living in shallow waters and even have regular sunshine.

Popular aquarium fish such as the cichlids, gourami, and betta are typically perfect for aquarium owners. For bulbs, use full-color spectrum color-enhancing bulbs. Your fish will become stressed and sterile under unnatural light cycles. Continue on main daylight no longer than 8 hrs every day.

The most important reason people fail with light for these systems is that they do an excessive amount of light and get algae problems. Never conduct actinic lights on your freshwater machine – algae will melt. Running the lights too long will promote algae blossom. It's best to control both the aquarium lights with an automatic timer.

Aquarium Lights for Happy Fish