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There is no definition of an assisted living facility in Utah County because different states have different regulations. They come in all shapes and sizes, from towering city buildings to mansions with small populations. You can now look for home care services by clicking at:

Senior Facilities – Senior Placement Services Near You

4 Ways to Increase Online Leads for Your Senior Living Facility

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They may look like a nursing home, but there is a stark comparison between the two:-

Residents with independent housing assistance with minimal staff support for facilities such as bathing, dressing, and others. You are fully mobile and powerful enough to do your daily tasks on your own. 

While nursing homes are made up of bedridden people with chronic illnesses that require constant monitoring by healthcare professionals. You need help in every activity. The motto of the Utah Life Support Facility is to create a healthy and vibrant environment so seniors don't feel isolated. 

They live in community with their peers, are involved in various social activities and therefore do not feel isolated from society. In nursing homes, people receive professional medical care from licensed doctors. 

Life support facilities are not licensed to provide professional medical care by a qualified healthcare professional. Therefore, nursing homes must comply with a large number of safety measures that are not available for assisted living. In life support facilities, residents live in one-bedroom apartments in the community, while residents in nursing homes live in private or semi-private rooms.

Basics of Living in an Assisted Living Facility in the Utah County