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Beer is among the oldest, yet most loved drinks consumed all over the world. There is even a claim that this is the 3rd most sought-after beverage, after tea and water. It is often associated with beer bellies, but contrary to popular belief it's a healthy drink.

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What's Brewing in a Beer Is Startling Complexity - Scientific American

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Beer is probably one of the most healthy drinks available as it is made primarily from barley, but it can contain tiny amounts of wheat or rice. A standard beer that has approximately 4.5 percent alcohol content has less than half of the calories per ml while a robust beer with approximately 7 percent alcohol could have only three-quarters of a calorie in a milliliter. 

The bitterness is derived from using hops as a flavoring agent, which is a flower that is extremely bitter and adds bitterness and flavor to the drink. 

Beer is the inherent goodness of barley except for its starch, which is transformed in the process of making beer to sugar with the aid of enzymes present in the malt of barley itself. The sugar is later transformed into alcohol in the process of fermentation, leaving the rest of the ingredients of the malted barley within the beer that is made.

Beer Drinkers Should Know The Following Facts
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