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A common trend that we see in most workplaces is the implementation of a mandatory training program. The training program is geared to provide employees with the essence of the work of their specific duties. What they fail to cover in these training programs are the extremely essential aspects such as employee harassment training.

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Here is a detailed look into these negative practices which may affect you in the workplace.

Harassment: What is it?

Harassment is a form of bigotry or discrimination. It involves physical or verbal conduct that is unwanted or insulting for you. Generally, harassment is a behaviour that persists over time. Serious one-time incidents can also fall into its definition.

Sensitivity and harassment

In the past few decades, matters pertaining to harassment at workplaces gained strong interest among the practitioners and consequently, it has become one of the most sensitive areas of effective workplace management.
Another prime reason for it to be receiving improved attention is that it is a significant source of work stress. Aggressive behaviour in the workplace has always been a cause of worry for most employees and is bound to take a toll on the quality of work.

Harassment law

In the US, Congress passed a law under the civil rights act in 1964 that prohibited discrimination of any kind in the workplace. This action became the legal basis for early harassment law.

Training courses and increasing awareness

Most organizations today have started including harassment training in induction programs to avoid negative outcomes of the incident and also to protect the freedom of employees. In some cases, drug use at work has resulted in cases of sexual abuse. And thus, along with employee harassment training, drug-free workplace training programs have increasingly found places in the induction programs to fully prepare the employees to face the consequences or to fight such menaces at the workplace.

Best Employee Harassment Training Courses Online