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While an invitation to serve as a bridesmaid is undoubtedly an attractive gift, it is also a common practice to show gratitude to those who attend. This is usually achieved through special gifts for the bridesmaids and careful notes.

Here are some great bridesmaid gift ideas, from classic to modern. You can also look for a bridesmaid box via

bridesmaid box

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The most timeless ideas for your bridesmaid gifts are jewelry sets. It is also one of the most universal ideas as jewelry can be designed to suit all tastes and budgets. Many brides love the tradition of having their bridesmaids' custom made sets in crystal or pearl form to match their wedding color.

This is a popular idea because it can be worn with any bridesmaid dress on the wedding day. Another classic gift idea for jewelry is a pearl necklace and a pair of matching pearl earrings. If you're on a budget, beautiful Swarovski pearls are beautiful and affordable.

Stationery is another great bridesmaid gift idea and can range from the proven to new and modern. Any woman with classic taste will love a nice box of stationery with a monogram or initials.

If you have a wedding with a certain theme, eg. For example, at beach weddings, you can also look for stationery that fits your theme, eg. Ecru notes with gold shell embossed design. Brides who love more modern paper will enjoy cardboard sets with sharp graphic patterns.

Bridesmaid Gifts From Classic To Trendy
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