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The advancement in the field of materials has resulted in tools specifically designed to suit specific functions. This article discusses two of these innovative tools.

A Torx screwdriver is used to drive to the head Torx. Its biggest advantage is that it increases efficiency by preventing manufacturing shifting. You can find the affordable wiha screwdrivers via the web.

wiha screwdrivers

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Until a specific torque is reached, the screw slips no fixing. This reduces the risk of damage to the screw head, the end of the conductor, and the Torx screwdriver.

Also, only adjustments correct the driver in a corresponding screw head. Both features increase the longevity of the tool. In addition, a Torx reduces the time, effort, and cost spent in the tool, resulting in cheaper products for the end consumer.

Hex bit socket is a special tool that enters a pneumatic or electronic screwdriver or a drill. It is generally to both sides, with a conductor on one side and a socket on the other.

Both ends working with fasteners to six faces. The driver of a hexagonal socket bit is used to easily lead screws with hexagonal holes in or out of a resistant material.

Sleeve side, it is designed to receive a nut or other similar material with six faces. Since the sleeve is in contact on all six sides, the nut loosens or tightens in the direction of the applied torque.

Brief Of Torx Screwdriver And Hex Bit Socket