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Pairing food and wine in a microcosm – One of the best things about living in a traditional food and wine culture is that you don't have to be traditional. The kitchen is world-famous and the wine is amazing. But those of us who live here certainly continue to search.

Burgundy collapses due to the selection of cheese, especially if you are ready to push the limits a little. This turns an impressive cheese board into a traditional dish. And traditionally, a large cannon wine was omitted here, a deep red that was chosen only for this purpose. You will get more information regarding wine education via

French red wine and cheese from Burgundy. This is one combination of horse-drawn carriages that has become the standard for food and wine.

But for years we have been frustrated by ritual rigidity. Some cheeses go well with dark red burgundy, but others don't. So we went to find out why.

First, let's categorize Burgundy cheese: simple goat cheese made in the area around Chablis. Starting from very fresh too difficult to survive the concentration of the crooked.

We then have the cheese washed to prevent or promote the development of scale. The most famous of course is Epoisse, whose bare surface is washed with brandy surface and smell reputation.

Burgundy Wine And Burgundy Cheese
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