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Considering every aspect of the business is a significant move. Plan ahead to make sure every involved step is organized and know exactly what to do prior to moving.

During a business move for a previous employer, I have compiled a list of tips and tricks that they follow – and the things they learned – during a move to help perform the steps as easy as possible for you, your employees and your moving team.

Update your new address and phone number.

Remember your website, emails, business cards, brochures, letterhead, and envelopes. While you will send this to the printer, it's a good idea to change the logo or font. Maybe your business cards could use a whole new look and feel?

Take advantage of the opportunity to give your marketing materials a fresh design. However, these tasks can be done easily by simply hiring a competitive moving company. You can also get to know about some special white glove movers for business here:

Send out a heads-up.

Clients and customers will appreciate both email and letter informing them of the move. If during a step, they do not hear from you they will understand, as long as they were given a heads-up.

Give your phone number so you're still reachable. During this time, it's a good idea to update your client list and verify your email and the correct address.

Business Moving: Keep Things Organized