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Buying overhead crane is an expensive decision so that the crane is used usually at least to be considered as an option. Obviously it is a cheaper option on the surface, but is it really cheaper?

Get to know more about city cranes via reading online. Here are some questions to consider. 

1. Is the manufacturer still in business? There are a lot of consolidation, closures, and bankruptcies in the crane industry. Are you going to be able to get parts for your crane? Many of the older cranes are a stronger and built-up design that allows you to buy a lot of parts from the shelves.

2. What is my liability if I buy a crane and make modifications to it? Obligations of manufacturers actually relieved once you modify their crane. Most cranes used will require some kind of re-span that need major mechanical modifications.

If the crane mainly elderly, box girder can be glued beams are difficult to modify, or arch beams on the type of track design patents that have been deemed unsafe. Properly done, an engineer will need to design and put its seal PE of any modification to the bridge girder.

3. Do crane capacity is right for my application? Bigger is usually better in crane applications but you need to consider the cost of getting a good deal on the higher than the required capacity? There are additional costs to consider.

4. Are you ready to give peace of mind to the warranty? Cranes used usually do not carry a warranty. The new crane is now generally come with one-year parts and labor with an additional year on parts for all non-disposable items. You also get up to date parts manually so you can order parts from the manufacturer.

Buying Used Cranes is Beneficial For Business
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