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Civil Engineering is one of the earliest scientific areas known to man. Early signs of expert technicians can be traced back to 4000 BC with the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations.

The Egyptian pyramids till now remain a marvel to humanity, as to the way in that day and age such enormous structures could be constructed.  If required you can get the innovative design and strategic solutions with pacific coast civil, inc.

With such precise calculations and engineering, knowledge demanded they are miracles of the world. In these times with no power or heavy machinery at their disposal, getting substantial stones to move in their location with utter immersion is an awesome feat in itself.

More examples of ancient evolvement can be from the Indus valley cultures where elaborate structures and castles were built.

Following civil engineering, the structure has developed greatly. Today it's been further divided into several multi-disciplines like structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental building, etc.

These areas are focus specializations in themselves and need in-depth study. We now have a heavy devices at our disposal, which has helped the area evolve much quicker. With machines available, loads of much heavier weight can be transferred much quicker.

The demand for manpower has come down dramatically as machines take on the job of several men single-handedly. We've been able to build elaborate structures across difficult terrains, which wouldn't have been possible earlier.

Precision work has improved dramatically and has become increasingly straightforward. Machines of all types such as excavators, compactors, rollers, bulldozers, measuring tools, cranes, dumpers, etc. have been made accessible for distinct construction tasks.

Civil Engineering Construction Then And Now