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Despite the growing popularity of laser hair removal, there are some myths about the procedure that still don't allow many candidates to opt for laser treatment. If you are also confused about whether to choose this procedure or not read on and you might change your mind about laser treatment. You can search on the internet ‘best laser hair removal near me’ and visit the clinic to clear your doubts…

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Here are some common myths and extreme facts about laser hair removal:

Myth # 1: Laser hair removal is recommended during pregnancy

Fact: There is no evidence that laser hair removal is bad for pregnant women, the effect of the laser on babies is not yet known. This is why doctors recommend that pregnant women wait until they give birth.

Myth 2: Lasers can cause skin cancer

Fact: This is a baseless and exaggerated myth about lasers. As noted above, the laser is very safe and has FDA approval. There are no studies showing that laser hair removal is linked to skin cancer.

Myth #3: One laser session is enough

Fact: As with other non-invasive cosmetic procedures, laser hair removal takes several sessions to achieve the desired results. An average of 4 to 6 sessions is required for permanent hair removal. 

Myth # 4: The results of laser hair removal are permanent

Fact: The laser does not remove hair permanently; In fact, they reduce hair growth. However, there is a chance that the hair will grow after treatment, but it will be fine and thin. 

Myth 5: This is an expensive process

Fact: Laser hair removal can be a little expensive, but not until the average person can't afford it. In addition, the costs of treatment vary widely from person to person and from provider to provider. 

Common Laser Hair Removal Myths Busted!