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Car accidents may be fatal in many cases. That’s why, if you suffer from a car accident, you should hire a good car accident attorney San Diego city. A car accident may lead to the following types of injuries:


Whiplash is an injury that occurs with a rear crash, although it also can occur from side impact. The injury occurs as a result of sudden movements and strong muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Whiplash mainly affects the soft tissue in the neck and lumbar region.

Car Accidents

Head injury

The impact can cause traumatic brain injury. Head injuries can occur even if your head does not make physical contact with any part of the vehicle. The sudden movement of your body is enough to cause the brain to slam into the interior of your skull so that a concussion.

Bone fractures

Strength blunt collisions can result in broken bones. This is particularly common on the bones of the extremities, such as hands and arms. With fractures, there may be symptoms, such as redness, swelling, disability, and chronic pain.

Loss of Limb

A collision can cause enough force to severely damage the fingers, toes, or entire limbs. The injury may be serious enough to require amputation of a body part. This may result in loss of mobility, which in turn can affect your ability to work. It can also erode the quality of life as perform everyday functions become obstacles were outstanding.

Common Types Of Car Accident Injury