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CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics) are great business tools with precision, flexibility and breadth. Not only software, but also expert predictions to get the most out of CFD will help. Therefore, advisors need to go one step further and anticipate fluid interactions and compromises.

Consulting and simulation services perform a combination of heat transfer in solids and fluids by exchanging energy at the interface between them.  

Imaginationeering excels at providing different types of CFD modelling, CFD engineering and CFD simulation services based on your project requirement no matter how complex or computational process requirement it may be: 

1. Steady Flow Analysis Services – They provide Steady flow Analysis Services for clients where the results of interest are when the flow is fully developed and does not change further with time (i.e., time independent). 

Steady flow simulation services are provided when the interest is in the end flow results and the aim of the analysis is to understand the final values of temperature, pressure and other variables in the flow. 

2. Transient Flow Analysis Services – They issue transient or time-dependent or time stepping analysis for clients when the system’s boundary condition changes with respect to time. 

Almost every system changes with time, it is used to capture insight into time-varying flow features or phenomena which would otherwise be difficult to capture in physical testing. 

3. Heat Transfer Analysis – They deliver Heat transfer Analysis for clients who want to predict the heat transfer taking place between the solids and the fluids individually or simultaneously.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling Services