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Diesel generators are very popular for use by people who want a dependable backup power source. Since diesel engines do not need a battery for continuous operation, no charging is needed.

Diesel generators available are listed by their size, output capacity, cooling system, and transportation capabilities. For more information about used GENERAC for sale by plant & equipment you can search the browser.

Portable Generators For Home Use

Smaller versions are usually air-cooled and have a single-cylinder operation. These units produce 120V present and also have plug-ins that connect directly into the property's power grid.

In case of a power outage, the generator may be used to supply enough power to light up the whole home.

Most models have a base which may be fitted permanently to a floor-attached frame. However, they're light enough to be moved to another place effortlessly. These versions have a 2-gallon gas tank, sufficient for up to eight hours of operation.

Larger Portable Units

These 120V and 240V generators have a multi-cylinder operation and can power an entire lighting grid. This makes them ideal for use at a place where off-grid electricity is necessary.

Sports festivals and events that are held outside at night are often lighted through an off-grid, mobile generator.

The majority of these versions are fitted into a base that could be easily loaded onto a pickup or other flatbed car. This makes it easy to transfer the generator from 1 location to another.

Diesel Generators For Sale