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A dispute is a disagreement followed by opposition to something. Argument means arguing about something or fighting to win something that could be a prize or participating in a discussion or argument. 

Disputes are not good for one of the parties involved in the discussion; each party must suffer when the dispute takes place. There are some companies in Canada that provide dispute or conflict resolution services, you can get more details about  conflict resolution company over the internet.  

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Dispute resolution is a method used by trained professionals to resolve disputes. This is different from litigation. When resolving disputes, a trained professional will help people communicate clearly, negotiate agreements effectively, evaluate and develop solutions, or resolve conflicts. 

There are several types of dispute resolution methods such as meditation, arbitration, negotiation, moderation, neutral evaluation, and many others, but the most popular are meditation and arbitration. 

Seen as an alternative to justice, these conflict management approaches, which involve dispute resolution and justice, work closely together. 

There are many benefits to resolving disputes:

Larger Settlements: The main advantage of this system is that there are more settlements. Many people don't like going to court and being founded by neutral professionals.

Better satisfaction: Another benefit is better satisfaction with the outcome or the way the dispute between the disputing parties is resolved. This is because settlement occurs before both parties and both parties receive benefits.

Time saving: This system saves time and reduces the time for disputes because there are very few people involved and you don't have to wait for court hearings.

Cost: The system also reduces dispute resolution costs. This system has increased compliance with agreed solutions.

Dispute Resolution And Its Benefits