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training CASA drone

Many people develop their hobby as a flying drone as it makes them enjoy the views from above while capturing them and surveying the footage from above. In recent years, drones have become more technologically advanced, and its use has been expanded. The advancement had bought changes in the system, which can be a threat to the aviation environment. To overcome this problem, the government of different countries proposes necessary public safety measures by instructing classified rules of drone flying.

The Rules for Safe Flying

CASA is one such regulatory body which classifies the rule of drone flights and operations under its regulation. One must adhere to CASA drone training seriously to become well aware of the do’s and don’t’s. This training involves theory and flying operations.

These universal rules also include-

  • Restriction to fly above 120 meters of altitude
  • To fly above 30 meters from the people not associated with the operation
  • One must not fly during night hours or beyond the restricted visual range
  • One must not fly in crowded places
  • One person can fly only one drone at a time
  • No drone should be fly in an emergency
  • The heavier drones of more than 100 grams cannot be flown within 5 KM of the radius within the airport or helicopter landing site. One should apply for an Aviation reference number for such drones.
  • One should adhere to no-fly zones strictly.

This was all about CASA drone training. So if you are willing to be a drone flying expert, make sure to adhere to these guidelines.

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