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As all the parents know that thumb sucking can cause serious damage to kid's health especially regarding mouth and teeth problems. Many of you are looking for easy ways to stop thumb sucking habits of your child. Well, in this article we have provided some ways or tricks that can help you with the thumb sucking problem of your kid.

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Praise your child: If he or she is not sucking thumb, praise your child — or offer rewards that are modest — like an excess bedtime story or a visit to the playground. Place decals on a calendar to document as soon as your child avoids thumb sucking.

Identify causes: Identify the problem. If your child sucks their thumb because of anxiety then supply him comfort in different ways like encouraging words or a hug. You may also give your kid a pillow or stuffed animal to squeeze.

Provide gentle reminders: If a child sucks their thumb to draw attention remind her or him to cease. Do not criticize or ridicule your child.

Can the dentist assist?

If you are worried about the impact of thumb sucking on your kid's teeth, then consult the dentist. For many children, a conversation about why it is very important to stop thumb sucking with the dentist is much more powerful than a conversation with dad or mom.

For a number of kids, thumb sucking is a remarkably tough habit to break. Placing strain on your kid may delay the procedure.

Easy Ways To Stop Thumb Sucking Habit Of Your Child