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A wooden climber is sure to spark children's imaginations as well as many adults. Few garden structures offer fitness and outdoor play as well as wooden playhouses or climbing frames.

Your garden suddenly transformed into a pirate's ship or the north face of the Eiger or an old castle. What exciting adventure has your kids set for themselves today? And what do you need to think about when you purchase wood garden equipment to play with? You can also buy kids climbing frames via online.

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Benefits of wooden play equipment

As well as fitting in well with garden aesthetics, well-made wooden equipment such as children's climbing frames should last well, often comes with good environmental credentials, and is easy to maintain in the future. From the simplest wooden climbing frame to the most elaborate treehouse, this is an investment that kids will adore.

Wooden climbing frames come in all shapes and sizes, from basic monkey bars to castle-like towers and playhouses. Even the simplest ones can help kids develop – and provide a valuable alternative to computer games. 

Naturally, you'll want to get your children's input into your decision (try to stop them!); you might be surprised how their interests differ from yours at the same age – some options will fire their imaginations more than others.

Every Kids Loves A Wooden Climbing Frame

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