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Are you planning to upgrade or refurbish your bath and shower area? Are you confused which type of shower fixture to replace the old and worn out shower fixture? If you want convenience and comfort, then opt for power showers.

At present, you can find different types of bathroom accessories and furniture fixtures to add functionality and convenience to your bath and wash area. You can also buy the best and top-ranked shower systems for your bathroom.

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Commonly seen bath accessories include sinks, vanities, bath tubs and showers. However, with the different choices of shower fixtures sold in stores and online retail sites, choosing the right one would definitely be a hurdle on your part if not properly guided.

A power shower is a mixer shower with built-in internal pump to increase the rate of water flow from its shower head. This type of shower fixture can only be fitted in bathrooms with low-pressure and gravity-fed system.

It is a combination of pump and mixing valve in one, wherein the valve is responsible for mixing cold and hot water to get your desired temperature while the pump is responsible for increasing water flow.

This type of power shower can be fitted either in a shower enclosure or above a bathroom fixture. Single impeller pump is not as versatile compared to the other types of power shower because it is not commonly seen in new fixture installations.

Finding The Right Power Shower For Your Bathroom