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Not everyone in Hollywood has a bright white smile. In fact, many Hollywood actors avoid bleaching or straightening their teeth to separate them from the rest. Here are five Hollywood actors who have managed to avoid these Hollywood cliches. You can get more information like top 10 Hollywood actors via

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Steve Buscemi

While largely associating Steve Buscemi with his iconic roles on HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,” “Reservoir Dogs,” and “Fargo,” the actor with a penchant for playing this weird character has a bad smile. In the case of “Boardwalk” character Nucky Thompson, Buscemi’s trademark lends credibility to the role. 

Morgan Freeman

Few African-American actors are more revered and respected than Morgan Freeman. However, Miss Daisy’s driver was also known for her jagged, yellow, torn smile. His teeth changed colour and appeared to be pointing inward.

Tom Cruise

Despite being considered one of the most beautiful actors in the world (if not a little crazy for his religious beliefs), Tom Cruise is in no rush to win prizes for his smile. The brave stars of Mission Impossible and Days of Thunder are frequently featured in the 10 worst celebrity gear lists. However, the truth was that his teeth weren’t clearly bad. 

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is a famous British importer with the American stereotype of British people: funny men with ugly teeth. While Gervais is definitely not on the verge of being considered a sex symbol in the US, his embarrassing teeth are at the center of his own jokes. 

Gary Buzzie

Unlike the actors mentioned above, Gary Buzzie managed to fix his teeth with veneers, but they are still being ridiculed in Hollywood and beyond. While Busey’s precious teeth were stained and badly damaged from years of partying and neglect, his new tooth faces a completely different problem.

Five Actors With Famously Bad Teeth