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According to the US Coast Guard, there were 134 boating accidents that occur every year. Unfortunately, and contrary to popular belief, most of these accidents occur not because of a natural disaster but because of human error.

The sad thing is that not everyone realizes that the boat injury cases may be like that of the Titanic where the giant commercial ships have sunk and you have zero chance of survival, but, in real life, you actually have a fighting chance. You should know about boating safety tips.

Boating Accidents

Many of us are not familiar with the laws and regulations when it comes to cases of injury to the boat. Failing to know all this makes both commercial vessels and shipping companies, figuratively, the winner. They often take advantage of our ignorance.

As the law implies the boat accident, every accident that happens on a ship, boat, ferry, or jet-ski is considered shipwrecks. In light of this, drivers are mandated by law to exercise the highest level of care to prevent injury or they will be responsible for injury or death caused by their sheer carelessness.

In terms of boating accidents, boat accidents law requires that the owner or operator of the ship or boat is required to fill in a boating accident report. This is especially true if there is a reported loss of life, injuries that require professional medical care, property damage, or if everyone disappeared.

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