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Everyone likes to dress well. It's no wonder we spend a lot of time picking the right clothes. But, does your selection of clothes do anything to the surroundings? Perhaps not! You can be stylish and also in a greenway with organic cotton clothing.

The normal cotton shirt you wear is made of cotton grown on farms. The farms have a lot of herbicides, pesticides, and other hazardous chemicals. When cotton is transported to factories, it's processed with other chemicals to facilitate the production process. Organic cotton is grown in more natural conditions, using the least amount of chemicals. It is also more sustainable. Thus, choosing cotton heritage apparel over other clothes is an excellent choice.

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There are many benefits of wearing organic cotton clothes. Firstly it helps protect the ecological system. Pesticides can poison the air, soil, and water, which can cause grave damage to the ecological system. Organic cotton, however, utilizes natural methods to control rodents and pests. It utilizes secondary crops that decrease the use of harmful pesticides.

Another advantage of organic cotton clothing is that it could reduce the chance of allergies due to chemicals. Your skin absorbs many toxic substances and the residue left behind by your clothes, which could cause skin irritation. However, organic clothes don't contain any chemical remnants. This is why it's beneficial for people who have body acne.

You've got enough reason to stock your closet with organic cotton heritage clothing.

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