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One of the most important decisions a homeowner has to make is in regards to their choice of flooring. Whether you are remodeling your current house or designing the home of your dreams, the floors are a big part of the planning process. You have to take into consideration the look of the room, the feel of it under your feet and of course the cost.

Two of the most popular flooring and installation options to consider are hardwood and laminate. Of course, there is no clear cut winner in this ongoing debate. Some of it boils down to simple personal preference.

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But if you would like to think more about the pros and cons of each before making an informed decision, here is some of what you should be considering.

Price – The reason this should be considered first and foremost is that the cost could literally be the determining factor. You may love the look of hardwood but that doesn’t mean it will work well with your budget.

If you have never truly priced the real thing then this would be the smartest place to begin. Laminate can give you much of the richness and look but without a high price tag.

Durability – The truth is that both options are quite durable. Laminate is not susceptible to scratches or wear like hardwood can, over time. But if cared for properly both flooring options can hold up and look great for years, if not decades, to come.

Making Repairs – There is no easy way to fix laminate flooring. The type that is sold in pieces that are snapped together may be replaced. However, you then have to take into consideration the amount of natural wear, sunlight and other factors that could have altered the look making it possible to replace but not match the look.

The wood floor can be sanded and refinished to take care of repairs and create a uniform look.

Hardwood Flooring Or Laminates – Which Is Right For You?
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