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Dental hygienist and general dentist are doctors who focus on treating teeth and gums. Both professions require additional training and a state license to legally start their work.

Although there are big differences between the two professions, such as the length and difficulty of the training period, salary, job profile, and permits granted by the state. You can also get more information about dental hygienist job at

The length of study is usually 2 years, although there are bachelor's and master's degrees in dental hygiene. Upon completion of training an associate degree is awarded. The state license is essential for an official launch.

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In many countries, specialists must complete dental hygiene training programs that include written tests and practical examinations. However, the dentist must have a bachelor's degree before entering dental school.

Dentistry programs can be selected at the undergraduate level, although they are not required. However, many dental schools prefer their students to study science. The dentist entrance test, or DAT, must be taken for admission to dental school.

The complete dental program lasts 4 years and successful students are awarded the title of doctor of medicine or doctor of dental surgery. Licenses are granted in the same way. However, for dentists, the examination is more detailed than that of a dental assistant.

The working conditions are also different for the two jobs. Many dentists practice alone and have their own private clinics. And they retain their own employees. This is largely part of the dental staff. The job as a dental hygienist is part time and you earn less than a dentist. But both jobs are good and well paid.

This job includes attending preventive care and performing various other activities. Tooth cleaning processes such as exfoliation, polishing, etc.

How A Dental Hygienist Job Is Different From A Dentist Job?