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We all know that keeping the mechanical parts of the vehicle (engine, transmission, etc.) in good condition is part of being environmentally conscious, but did you know that repairing the body contributes can also help to protect the environment as well?

Sound a bit silly? It's not! Here's how taking your vehicle to the right auto body repair shop in Valencia will help you to "go green". To get more information about auto repair in Glendale, you can search the browser.

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Reduce part waste 

When you replace the parts on your vehicle, do you ever think of what happens to the parts removed? Those have to be disposed of somewhere, but you don't see that because you're happily driving off in your good-as-new vehicle. 

The auto body repair shop has to find a way to dispose of those parts, often in an incinerator or a landfill. Incinerators release gas and heat into the air, wearing away at the ozone layer. 

Fewer junk vehicles 

What do you do with your vehicle when it gets old and starts to break down? Either sell it or send it to the scrapyard for junk! Have you seen how many vehicles there are sitting in junkyards around Burbank? 

Far too many, and all of them leaking chemicals, toxins, and harmful fluids into the soil. That's definitely not helping the environment! But if you repair the vehicle and get it back to proper running condition, that's one less vehicle to sit on a junk heap. The longer you use your vehicle (and keep it in good shape), the smaller your carbon footprint.


How Auto Body Repairs Can Help The Environment