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Cloud computing is promoted as a replacement to standard local area networks with a client-server set-up. Most businesses use client-server set-ups to ensure that all their users have access to the files and applications that they need to do their jobs. You can also get professional cloud computing services in Australia for your business success.

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Ever-faster internet and a general move towards the use of online services has led to the development of the term 'cloud computing', to mean any online service that allows people to store and share data anywhere they like, rather than being reliant on accessing a particular network or PC.

Services like Google docs are effectively cloud computing on a simple level. A particular user's cloud will include anything they store in online networks (from personal data to social media updates) and will connect to others' clouds.

What about cloud services for businesses? Many of the cloud services intended for personal users are not always useful to businesses. That's where specialist business cloud services come in. Eager to capitalize on this brave new world of cloud computing, IT companies are developing a whole raft of cloud applications for business data storage and sharing.

The advantage for businesses of using cloud applications over traditional applications is that they are available from anywhere, at any time, without the need for any physical software or severs. In other words, they meet the needs of an increasingly mobile, globalized workforce perfectly.

The most useful to the majority of businesses are storage and backup services. These vary, but they are intended to allow users to store and back up all their files to the cloud so that they can be accessed at any time by anyone.

How Can Cloud Services Work for Business?