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You may lose a tooth in many different situations. Implant surgery is the best option to fill the gap. This solution has been used for many years. The technique was complicated because the implants were originally made from metal. Patients used to feel discomfort.For atrusted family cosmetic dentistry in Tacoma browse

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You will see that the implant has changed significantly. Implants now look exactly like natural teeth, and are placed with artificial teeth that are difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Implants are used to support dentures, bridges, and crowns.

The dentist must assess the suitability of the patient before he or she performs dental implant surgery. This surgery is not recommended for anyone who smokes or uses anti-rejection drugs to transplant organs. Gum disease is another problem. The best advice is to not have dental implants if you have ever had periodontal disease.

The procedure for dental implant surgery begins with the drilling of a hole to accommodate the titanium screw that will hold the artificial tooth in place. This is done when it is possible to avoid permanent bone injury. The drills used are usually of a graduated size, usually ranging from three to seven.

After the screw has been placed in the correct place, the bone will grow back and attach it. It may take two weeks to three months for the screw to be in place. Each patient is different. It is always best to discuss your options with your dentist before you make any decisions about the surgery.

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