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Understanding the fact that the MPs project is not easy to implement only complicates the situation of the contractor. For the layman, the complexity of the MEP project is beyond imagination. A large number of engineers are involved in mechanical, electrical, and piping projects.

A company that accepts a contract as part of an MEP project is always equipped with talented mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers, as well as talented CAD technicians and modelers. The knowledge of these experts flows into the implementation of the MEP drawings at

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MEP project implementation process: There are many steps and phases involved in completing an MEP project. Below are some of the chronological steps involved in this process.

The contractor asks a question: 

In the first step, the contractor contacts the service company and briefly describes the project. Companies offering solutions or services review projects and return them to customers.

The main input is sent by the customer or contractor: 

In the second step, the customer who is usually a contractor sends the main input in the form of a rough sketch and its specifications to the engineering office. These specifications are then reviewed and verified by the company's engineers and technicians, and then the project scope is discussed with the customer.

Finally, the company gave its approval for the project: 

After the specifications had been checked by MEP engineers and the project had been fully understood by them, it was finally approved. The approval information is then sent back to the customer's company. Modelers begin their work after documents are available for their preparation.

How Is An MEP Project Executed By The Service Providing Companies?
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