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While it is being viewed by some as an alternative to traditional classroom-based, traditional, and instructor-led education, it is quickly becoming a common instrument in a variety of situations or applications that demand any form of training or development

This is particularly true for organizations and learning centers that are primarily geared towards adults as there are aspects of online learning that are specifically designed to make learning easier and more efficient for adults. 

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This is due to the fact that adults even though they are capable of learning just as effectively as a typical student, however, the brain of a typical student is more wired and open to learning than adults, mostly due to the fact that the brains of the majority of adults have already switched its principal focus of their brain to activities other than learning.

Although learning is feasible for adults, as learning is an ongoing process that requires a brain that is cognizant and the majority of processes for adults tend to be more dominant than other processes due to the fact that their brain is wired for the things that are typically attributed to adults like work as well as sports, among other things, as opposed to that of a student's brain who is brain-wired for recreational, learning activities, and other activities that are attributed to children. 

In either case, however, e-learning offers a distinct set of benefits that could improve the learning process in a way that makes it more efficient and assists them in achieving better retention, and help them more effectively integrate what they have learned with an application that is more efficient.

How Is E-Learning Beneficial In Training And Development?