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Aside from choosing a grinder that will perform your desired function, there are a few features you can look out for to be certain that you’re making a sound investment when buying your new grinder. 

First and foremost, check the material the grinder is made of. Most times you’ll find metal or plastic, but wooden grinders are also decently popular. We recommend investing in metal grinders because of their durability.

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Frequent Flyer Edition

While wooden or plastic grinders may look cool, there’s a good chance that they’ll break after extended use or in the event of falling off the floor. Titanium is the best quality when it comes to metal grinders, but any metal grinder should suit you well!

Beyond the material used for your grinder, before you commit make sure to twist the part of the grinder that you’ll use to break down your bud. If the grinder doesn’t twist smoothly that means it’s low quality, and you should look for something else. 

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How to Choose a Quality Grinder