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Many hiring managers don’t know this and many hiring managers may make a mistake by working with a company that doesn’t have this distinction. NAPBS accreditation means that a company has met the highest standards in compliance, accuracy, and background screenings.

While there are approximately 2000+ background screening agencies in the US and Canada, less than 40 corporations have been accredited by NAPBS. There are approximately 400 NAPBS members, but they are not accredited. You can get more information related to these services via

Over 700 members make up the NAPBS, so it is possible that a background screening company member who is not accredited may be one of them. A company must undergo a rigorous audit of its practices and procedures in order to be accredited.

This includes compliance with the law, security, and accuracy, as well as expert knowledge.

If you consider all the information from the NAPBS, any company affiliated with it must be a good choice. This brings us to 20% of background screening companies that are accredited by NAPBS.

It is possible that your background screening company is not accredited by the main industry accreditation company. Do you think this is a risk that you should take with background screenings?

Although you may believe that choosing an accredited company over one not accredited is easy, there are no real regulations on these companies. There are many companies that claim to offer "instant" background checks online.

How to Choose Accredited Employee Background Screening Company