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Every girl needs earrings. It's important to know how to select the right ones and how to match them with every outfit. Accessories like earrings can complement the outfit. A simple dress can still look sophisticated with just a few accessories. To find the best accessories you can visit our ‘For Her’ Collection at Dog’s Love Store.

9 Popular Diamond Earring Styles - ItsHot

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Earrings, especially diamond hinged and stud earrings, are the most worn accessories by women. There are many women who prefer the simplicity of stud earrings. However, hinged earrings complement any outfit better than stud earrings.

Why Hinged Earrings are Popular: Stud earrings are beautiful but limited in their versatility. Diamond hinged earrings, on the other hand, are more versatile. You can make these earrings from a variety of metals, but the most popular is gold. 

You can make earrings with just gold or silver, but more people prefer to wear them with accents and gemstones. Earrings are a great way to highlight the face of a woman. Some people believe that earrings are second only to clothes.

Different Types of Diamond Hinged Earrings. We don't rank earrings by their price, but it is a fact that earrings with at least one gem are always expensive. The price of an earring will depend on its metal. The best base for diamonds is 18K gold, but 14K would be acceptable.

General Information: The earrings are generally more expensive if there are more stones. If you have a limited budget and still desire more than one stone, you can opt for the ones with fewer stones scattered throughout the earring.

How to Choose The Best Diamond-hinged Earrings