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A great way to do a wine tasting party is to combine it with a wine tasting dinner. It won't be a great idea to try to do this for a party of 20 or more, but for a more intimate party from 4 to 8 friends. A wine-tasting dinner is a great idea.

So the first thing you want to do is decide what type of wine you want to serve dinner. If you are given a small and you really like it, entertained, you can get through the whole world of wine, starting with white wine with the first dish, film into red wine with your next course, and in your wine dessert with your dessert. You can choose the wset studies to become a wine tasting expert.

But how do you know what wine should be served with what food? There are no rules that are hard and fast, but when you get more and more wine tasting, you will find that certain foods run better with certain wines. As a general rule, snacks such as seafood, fish, poultry, Asian food, better with white wine.

If you want to start dinner with some appetizers, you might try to serve some oysters paired with Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. For your next course, if you want to stay with Sauvignon Blanc, you can choose some fish and pasta grilled with cream sauce.

When you turn to dessert at the end of your wine tasting dinner, you really have three choices. Nothing can be said that white wine does not match the dessert because I have a lot of white wine that is delicious in the desert. But you can also do something, some people never think of, and it pairs your cabernet with chocolate. 

Wine tasting dinner is not about making sure that you have a combination of wines and a perfect food, it's about gathering with the people you like and share food and wine with some great conversation. Of course, you want the table to look good and you want food and wine to taste good, but the process is around.

How to Host an Wine Tasting Dinner