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Filters can be used to create the smallest correction with the colors of your image – or to change your picture with bizarre special effects.

If you are traveling, the amount of space you can afford for small accessories. But even though the filters are rarely important, they are very portable and can have dramatic results in your image.

Filters can be divided into three major groups. Color correction filter used with slide film, and change the overall color balance for different lighting types. If you want to purchase the special filters then you can browse the web.

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A polarizer is one of the most desired filters to take with you as it has so many uses. This can reduce reflection from glass and water. This can improve the color and glossy painted surface. It can be used to beef up the color of the sky. You change the intensity of this effect by rotating the filter.

Soft-focus filter:

Soft focus filter is designed to give a dreamy, foggy feeling to the shot – help create a romantic atmosphere or feeling nostalgic.

Pass filter:

Graduates very useful when faced with the vast expanse of the sky without the trait to add color to only one half of the scene.

Importance of Filters in Photography
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