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Vitamins are more important for children than for adults. Energy intake is a key factor in good health. It starts at the beginning of our lives and lasts for a lifetime. Additional vitamins and minerals are required for bone, tooth, memory, rapid growth, and enhanced memory. Deficiencies can lead to multiple problems, such as chronic fatigue, weak immunity system, sequelae of Rickets, and weak immunity. The correct diet will ensure the normal and harmonious development of the body, growth, and resistance to environmental factors, as well as greater longevity.

Children are active, so it is important to pay attention to the development of healthy bones. This will help them in their adult life. A child's physical and mental health is important for his success in school, as well as his ability to integrate into modern society, which is dominated by the competitive spirit. To ensure that they have the best mental and physical development possible, it is recommended that “children’s vitamins and minerals” (also known as laste vitamiinid ja mineraalid in the Estonian Language) should be given all year.

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It is never too late to begin a healthy lifestyle. Strong and healthy children are better at school. You must not compromise your baby's development or health. 

Healthy children are more productive in school activities and can then integrate well into the competitive system. Lion Kids with Vitamin D CaliVita, a high-quality product made specifically for children, provides the vitamins and minerals children require. This supplement includes vitamins A, E, and C, as well as vitamin D.

Importance of Multivitamin Supplementation For Children
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