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Measuring the seal strength of medical packaging can reduce the risk of such contamination. For the same purposes, it is also important to maintain a constant sealing force of the packages through a uniform quality seal.

The best known and most widely used test standard for evaluating the quality of packaging is the ASTM D 903 method (the American Society for Testing and Materials). Find more details about the altitude simulation test through

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The standardized test method

This test standard is used to determine the peel or seal strength of flexible barrier packaging. Calculation of peel and seal strength allows testing laboratories to acquire quantitative measurements regarding the packaging process.

In this test, the average force to open the seal and the maximum load during the test are calculated using a precisely designed peel strength tester. It is used to quantify the permanence of adhesion or peelability of pressure sensitive materials.

The test can be performed at a 90 ° or 180 ° angle to generate an actual peel simulation. To perform the test procedure, a sample is placed on the machine and pulled from a particular direction to check the adhesive strength of the sample with a specified speed.

Many labs perform peel strength testing not only to get the force data needed to open the package, but also to calculate the consistency of the packaging process and other factors that can affect strength. packaging sealing, such as a sterilization process or storage space. weather situation.

The seal strength test of such packages is carried out to ensure the strength of the seal in the short term, that is to say until the moment of its opening, and also to ensure that no micro-bacterial organism does not enter the packaging.



Know The Process Of Seal Strength Test For Medical Packaging