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Laser hair removal is a fairly new type of procedure that, until recently, could only be performed by a medical doctor. Now laser technicians who specialize in hair removal can be found in various locations including clinics, spas, hair salons, and special laser care companies. In the US, the technician who conducts this type of procedure is licensed after they complete the training of the removal of their hair laser needed.

What is that?

In the past, hair is permanently removed by expensive and often painful procedures called electrolysis. This procedure basically pulls hair with its roots so they cannot easily grow again. The laser (intense lamp of various wavelengths) is used to kill hair follicles that cause hair removal which is often permanent. This treatment can be applied anywhere in the body where hair does not need to be needed to be removed and used by men and women.

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Why does the Hair Removal Laser Training Important?

Like cosmetic training, this training leads to certification from the country's cosmetic council. This allows certificate holders to practice in certain circumstances. Practicing without certificates is often considered illegal but can vary from one other jurisdiction. Aside from being a requirement before practicing, it is also a statement that confirms the potential clients that are likely to know the type of training technicians to be treated before they can entrust them with invasive procedures.

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