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The management of health and safety with any organization for most business owners is a daunting and more often than not a thankless task, however, whether we like it or not it is just as much part of our businesses as selling products and services. You can get the best IOSH working safely online course by reading this article.

Managing Safety From Within Your Organization

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The Person Responsible For Health and Safety in Your Workplace

The responsible person within any organization is required to take responsibility for assessing the workplace for risk and implementing safety control measures with the intention of making their work environment safe for all company employees.

In the event of an accident or injury, employers are required to take appropriate and necessary measures to prevent such incidents from occurring. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the employers.

SME Workplace

Small to medium-sized organizations often send occupational workers to accredited occupational safety training classes developed by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, an occupation otherwise understood and known as IOSH.

Specialist institutes offer a vast selection of classes including the widely known IOSH Managing Selfie Course, designed for those in need of an introduction to occupational safety. The course incorporates hazard assessment, which builds a holistic approach and can present the fundamentals and many measures to attendees when assessing office hazards.

Nominated as an accountable person

For those who have recently been named as responsible people in their workplace, you will be pleased to hear that nationally recognized and accredited training courses are established, respected, and in most major cities and cities across the UK Available through regularly audited business organizations.


It is recommended that individuals without any prior basic training or knowledge should attend a more basic qualification as an IOSH Working Safely course, alternatively, the CIEH Level of the Chartered Institute of Environment Health in Health and Safety in the Workplace 2 awards, both of these over a period of one day.

Managing Safety From Within Your Organization