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Chrysler predicted on Marvel Comics to allow Jeep fans and possible clients experience amazing experiences through imaginative thinking of their masses.  The online advertising and marketing effort is resorted to by the automaker to market the 2007 Jeep Patriot – a more compact sport utility vehicle.

From the said effort, clients can submit dialogues and plots indicating how the four youthful protagonists should manage villains. Clients may also solve a puzzle in "The Patriot Factor," an internet comic book. You can buy comic, marvel, superhero comics at Stripweb.

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The Chrysler Group, composed of those Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler brands, together with Marvel Comics, project to create the comic novels. Jeep Patriot and Marvel set the experience to make a brand new online comic novel.  The online publication is intended to change sketch to ink and eventually to color. The development could be generated cell by phone or page by page.

Marvel Comics is famous for its famous stories connected to super powers.  Spiderman and X-Men are only few of its favorite masterpieces. The joint venture is aimed at bringing the young car buyers as they are difficult to achieve with the traditional kinds of advertising.

The comic tale occurs in an unnamed metropolis. It began when Ryan Singer, a known digital musician and producer, writes a tune based on a succession of amounts he overheard two sons. At some point, the strangers appear in Singer's attic with the goal to make mayhem.

Mason Black, the fourth personality along with also a mentor of sorts, guides the trio forcing a Jeep Patriot through their experiences. Black also supplies them with equipment.  What's going to happen next is up to customers to furnish. Clients must register online to help construct gangs experiences and destiny.


Marvel Comics: To Woo Jeep Buyers