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Russian Consulate has chosen to outsource its visa process. It now applies throughout the continental United States. Outsourcing office will now be used to explicitly Russian visa processing. Russian Embassy will no longer allow individuals to submit their documents at the embassy.

As you can imagine, in the first few weeks has been disgruntlement and episodes of confusion. Overall, the transition has been relatively smooth, but still, there are some intricacies and kinks are worked. You can know more about Russian visa through

Washington, DC, and Houston have been affected the most. One can expect a significant delay because they are inundated with requests for visas. There was also little change in the way of filing manifests issued, which has contributed to the delay as well.

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This situation continues to be monitored and the location of outsourcing is very accurate when they report how long it takes to process the visa. Once you walk in the building, one can find clear instructions and how to proceed.

Currently, they do not accept personal checks, credit cards, or debit cards. Another important change to make note is that there are a few changes to the actual visa process, because of office outsourcing. As you near the end of your online application, it will prompt you to select the location where the application will be logged.

Lastly, it is very important to correct the lower right ID and password. The outsourcing office also will want a copy of this record. It is highly recommended to cut and paste the information into a Microsoft Word document and then print. This ensures the utmost accuracy, ensures legibility, and minimizes the chance for errors.

Meaning of Outsourcing Russian Visas