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Nowadays, internet becomes a very important part of our life. Almost every person use internet for various reason. Netgear extender is useful device that use to extend the internet in dead zones. Today, here in this post we will discuss step to step instructions to troubleshoot netgear wifi extender not working or not connected to the internet.

  • Place the wifi extender away from such devices that create signal interference.
  • Do not place the extender in dead zones of your home.
  • Do not place the extender close to any water source such as fish tank.
  • Check out for any loose plugins and connections.
  • Make sure there are no concrete walls between the extender and the wireless devices.
  • Verify the status of your extender LED lights.
  • Turn off any VPN or proxy server on your device.
  • Disable the security software on your computer, mobile, laptop and tablet.
  • Restart your extender, router, desktop, mobile as well as tablet.
  • Login to smart wizard and check out whether the extender firmware is up to date or not.

Tried all the above solutions, but the issue didn’t resolve? Then reset the extender to the default factory setting and reconfigure it. Get contacted with My WiFi Ext Fix knowledgeable expert. You can even schedule a call back from one of our technicians at the preferred time.

Netgear Wifi Extender Not Connected To The Internet