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The pungent Syzygium Aromaticum (Clove) is an extensively used spice in Indian cuisines. Coming from an evergreen tree’s flower buds, the spice is also a part of various sweet dishes. But that doesn’t mean you can use cloves in the kitchen only. People have been using it in Ayurvedic medicine since traditional times. Here, let’s explore different ways of using cloves in your home.

  • For Better Digestion: Eugenol, a component present in cloves, packs powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, oil extracted from cloves promotes proper waste elimination by reducing the pressure on the stomach caused by gas.
  • For Toothache: Remember? You saw a toothpaste advertisement mentioning the presence of cloves in it. That’s because it helps fight bacteria and reduces pain. In addition to toothpaste, cloves have been used to treat gingivitis, gum diseases, and other issues.
  • Acne Treatment: Cloves form a wonderful in-house remedy for acne treatment. Get a teaspoon of clove powder and some raw honey. Mix them and apply them to the acne area, let dry, and rinse off. Results will start appearing in 2-3 days.
  • Preserving Bones: For people suffering from osteoporosis, cloves help enhance tensile strength. Besides, cloves are also known to support the preservation of bone’s mineral content and density.
  • Relieving Stress: Calming nerves is a great approach to fighting anxiety and stress. Cloves do this by inducing stress regulation hormones. So, whenever you feel stress or anxiety taking over, sip a cup of clove-infused tea for relaxation.

Besides, you can also use cloves as all-purpose cleaners, provided you buy the natural varieties from stores selling organic food in Brisbane.

Organic Clove 5 Ways You Can Use it at Your Home