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According to fashion experts, every woman should have a pair of pearl earrings. They are timeless because they never go out of style and are very versatile because they can be worn on any occasion.

Earrings set in gold, platinum or sterling silver and high-grade use as saltwater pearls Akoya pearls, Tahitian or South Sea and freshwater pearls for their jewelry. If you are looking to buy pearl earrings then you are at the right place.

What is the difference between these pearls?

1. "Akoya" pearl

This respected among saltwater pearls because of their classic white color, perfectly round shape, and high gloss.

2. Tahitian pearls

"Tahitian" pearls are grown in black-lipped "Pinctada magaritifera" oysters and farmed in the waters of French Polynesia. It is named after the largest and most popular island in the French territories overseas, Tahiti, which serves as the central trading area of this pearl.

3. South Sea pearls

It is the rarest and most expensive of the lot. South sea pearls come in two colors, white and sparkling golden yellow, which is produced by the white-lipped and gold-lipped "Pinctada maxima" great oysters, respectively.

4. Freshwater pearls

The most versatile among pearls, freshwater pearls usually come in the form of baroque with only 2% had a nearly perfect round shape. It comes in white and muted tints like pink and lavender.

For the first pearl earrings you, it is always best to start with pearl buttons. Either arrange them with it as the only point of focus or adorned with diamonds or precious or semi-precious stones.

Pearl Earrings are Timeless Fashion